Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Me and my heart - we got issues... =)

I Feel like I’m going out of
My mind,

Boy the way you do me is a
damn crime,

But then you smile at me
and its all right,

With you there aint nothin' in between,

Every time that I walk out the door,
Tell myself I can't take it no more,

There’s a part of me won't let you go
Keep saying yes when my minds saying no,

Me and my heart we got issues,
Don’t know if I should hate you or miss you,
Damn, I wish that I could resist you,
Can't decide if I should leave you or kiss you.
Me and my heart we got issues, issues, issues.
We got issues, issues, issues.

Its so wrong, boy you leave me hangin' for so long,
You empty out my love until its all gone,
You change the words but still it's the same song,
I’m tired of the melody.

Change my number and throw out your clothes,
But my feelings for you, it still shows,
I keep building the walls round my heart,
But then I see you, and it all falls apart...


Why fight it, cant hide it
Truth is I think I like it,
Confusion, illusions
Still I don’t know which way to go….

Chorus: (x2)

Me and my heart we got issues
Don’t know whether I should hate you or miss you.


starlover said...'s exactly the same situation I'm facing now. I want to hate that someone, but I just can't. Because the love won't go. Vee, what should I do? T.T
me and my heart definitely got issues right now T__________T

Anonymous said...

emm..suratan atau kebetulan..
lagu ni sama dengan kisah pakcik:-(

speckurosaklagi said...

be cool..suma masalah ada jawapan...

Vee Violet said...

hmm... love is unpredictable... :)
im actually kinda like the melody of this song... :)

takmo sedih sedih... vee suka lagu ni actually... ramai yg tak tau lagu ni, saje share... hihihi

thanks... :) ... join contest tau nanti... :)