Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Does love have to hurt?

Love as long as you live. Pictures, Images and Photos

Love does not have to hurt but it often seems to. When you listen to the music of love you will hear it telling stories about the pain and sorrow of unfulfilled love. Someone left, someone cheated, or someone died and left someone sad and alone. Love is such a strong positive emotion that it is inevitable that there will be some pain associated with it at some time.

We all need two things in life...
1. To not be alone or feel alone, &
2. To be appreciated and loved for whom we are. Love brings us together and loneliness reminds us that we are missing something in life. You may not even understand it but the forces are there. We seek fulfillment in the love of others when we often need to love ourselves just as much.

Credit to Mr & Mrs Google for the info.

P/S : Last night couldn't sleep well - so today all thoughts kept returning to home, pillow & all of my sweethearts (teddy bear of course - there were 6 of them) ... 30 minutes to go then by by office!!! =)

With love,


starlover said...

Thanks for sharing this. Exactly what I've been thinking. Love often hurts, it's the reality ^^
But that doesn't change the fact that true love is indeed beautiful =)

besi said...

vee... selamat beradu awal..
k mimpi indah ..........zzzzzzzz

Vee Violet said...

yep - love is beautiful... it supposed to be beautiful.. true love doesnt hurt.. :)

thanks besi... semalam tidur nyenyak... :)