Monday, January 11, 2010

It is RED at Kenny Rogers ROASTERS on 13th Jan 2010!

Red is for love, joy and happiness that one should feel of one’s life. Red is for the blood that courses through our body and keeps us alive. Kenny Rogers ROASTERS launching of RED (ROASTERS Eating Day) will ignite the meaning of ‘red’. Advocating on healthy eating since day one, KRR understands the meaning of a healthy body that equals to a happy person.

KRR celebrate RED on 13 Jan 2010 - marking it a significant day by giving out a *complimentary Kenny’s Quarter Meal with purchase of a Kenny’s Quarter Meal for those who visit KRR restaurants with any element of the colour red (you could have red lipstick, red cap, red shirt or red head band). It will be a day that people can mark on their calendar to remind them to take the opportunity to eat healthy!

Come to Kenny Rogers ROASTERS restaurant nearest to you and enjoy this gift of health! Forward this message to as many friends as possible to show that you care for them!


~0~ said...

penah mkn skali ke KR nie....hurmm

besi said...

vee...tak penah makan kat kenny rogers la.
sedap ke? mcdonald ngan kfc selalu la..

Cik Cookie said... teruja je nak g mkn.
gigih nih

Ieda the Rainbow Princess said...

Wow!Best nieh!Jum kite
pegi Kenny Rogers! :D

Vee Violet said...

Vee pun jarang mamam KR... =)

sedap jugak... tapi vee tak mamam ayam sebab allergic... cubalah besi... =)

Cik Cookie,
jom!!! kita pakai baju merah dan semuanya serba merah. Jom! ^^

Hi Ieda,
Vee sihat. Busy je sikit...
Jom Ieda... pakai sedondon eh...