Friday, November 26, 2010

One Moment Listen Please...

The Moment you are in Tension
You will lose your Attention
Then you are in total Confusion
And you will feel Irritation
Then you will spoil personal Relation
Ultimately, you won't get Co - Operation
Then you will make things Complication
Then your blood pressure may raise Caution
And you may have to take Medication

Instead, understand the Situation
And try to think about the Solution
Many problems will be solved by Discussion
This will work out better in your Profession

Don't think it's my free Suggestion
It's only for your Prevention
If you understand my Intention
You will never come again to Tension
- Bill Gates

19-August-09 09:27 am

He : Perhaps im all over those phases. from doing kuli's work up to the higher of the echelon. btw, how are you? everything ok?

She : A bit stress… :)

He : Work perhaps?

She : Work, study, some other things too... :)
sometimes give up with myself... but i know that life is up and down... :)

He : Give up? You do that when you stop breathing.

As time goes by... People change... Even myself...

Vee dah tukar link Vee. If you guys aware, sebelum ni link Vee, Now Vee dah tukar ke

And yes, some of the entry yang Vee pernah publish before this, Vee dah delete...

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” - Maria Robinson

P/S :

♥ Tak sabar mau tengok "Rapunzel"... tapi entah sempat tengok ataupun tak... =_="
♥ Sedang gigih ber'diet' tapi malang berbau sebab makanan2 yang hensem lagi sexey tanpa henti menggoda Vee... (salahkan makanan2 itu ye)
♥ I miss you... Rindu Vee tak? Rindu tak? Rindu tak? Tak rindu sudah... (T_T)
♥ Otak Vee tengah mereng. Harap maklum. Makaceh! *ala2 Aleeycat Meow Meow*

With Love,


-•»Á®ÐZMÀ®Ñ«•- said...

eeee.. macam nak gigit telinga pulak rasanya..

bukannya nak kabo dulu sebelum tukar url.. patut la tak jumpa.. sib baik ada fb..

hish... karate kang..


-•»Á®ÐZMÀ®Ñ«•- said...

lupa nak kabo.. gua dah buat tag tu..

ekekeke.. lambat skit jer..

♥ Juliana Violet ♥ said...

Huuu... ada orang nak karate...
Sowielah, orang tak sempat nak blogwalking...

Hee hee, thanks yea dah jawab tag.. :)

-•»Á®ÐZMÀ®Ñ«•- said...

you're welkam.. n tq for tagging ..

♥ Juliana Violet ♥ said...

♥ Welkambek... hihihi