Sunday, November 28, 2010

Insider Tips & Tricks

*** Copy & Paste from "The Little Black Book of Style" ~ Nina Garcia~ ***

Something to share with you ladies especially for those fashionista out there...


Q & A with DOMENICO DOLCE & STEFANO GABBANA on confidence and style.

Q : What is the key to choosing a perfect little black dress?

A : A woman needs to know her body type, how to show off certain areas and hide enhance her figure and embrace her her curves. The little black dress is must - have.

Q : What is the secret to Sicilian style?

A : A secret to Sicilian style is always dressing confident and sexy.

Q : What do you find eternally stylish?

A : Besides the little black dress and stiletto pumps, definitely one's inner style. A woman embraces both herself and her surroundings...she is polished, elegant and sophisticated.

Q : Who is the most stylish woman you know?

A : There is no particular woman, it is the attitude of a woman-how she carries herself, whether on the beach, walking down the street or at a red carpet premiere. She should exude confidence, charisma; the beauty and style will happen on their own.


Personally, I agree that little black dress is a must-have 'item' that every chick/woman must have in their closet. You could mix & match with jeans/legging/ and could even wear just like that. For muslimah, you guys definitely could mix & match with inner/legging... Shoes and handbag? Any color will suit your little black dress. :)

And all of my gorgeous readers, sometimes you doesn't have to 'following the right trend'... most importantly is you have to figure out where you are going, be comfortable in your own skin, and last but not list the confidence to wear what looks good on you regardless of trends.

" Fashion can be bought. Style one must posses." ~Edna Woolman Chase~

P/S : "The Little Black Book of Style" is a good book to read. *wink*


With Love,
Juliana Violet~


eqbalzack said...

lawanyerr background dia...
abg eq suka sgt2...
kelas! eksklusif...
music pun relaks je...

♥ Juliana Violet ♥ said...

Abang eQ,
♥ Thank you... :)
Tapi still ada yang kurang rasanya. Nanti ada masa nak edit lagi. :)

-•»Á®ÐZMÀ®Ñ«•- said...

lari dari topik sikit..

bila gua bayangkan lu dengan eq.. gua nampak macam sepadannn je.. bak kata orang putih bagai pinang dibelah dua ..


♥ Juliana Violet ♥ said...

♥ Kan? Kan? Kan? Sama2 single, sama2 bintang Scorpio... =D

=_=" ... Haish apa aja yang kau merepek ini incik Adzman? Kasih abang eQ cuma dekat DN aje... =D

h a n i e said...

owh ye lah..
bulan ni xde beli buku baru lansung
nanti g carilah..

♥ Juliana Violet ♥ said...

♥ Beli jangan tak beli dear... Good book... :)
Dijamin tak menyesal beli... *wink*