Thursday, March 3, 2011

White Lie

We need to get through a dark forest before we can find our path. There aint't an easy way. There's no shortcut. Doing it just for your own happiness wont cut it. Well of course He created the best for all of us. But if we didn't try our hardest or at all those things won't happen. I'd preferred that I tried my best or at least tried rather than regretting that I didn't do anything at all. I'll find a way somehow. Gonna be a tough road ahead but I can take it. I just think you're worth the wait. Girl… I'll be your lover if you want me, and I'll be your friend if you need me. Till there's no ring on your finger, I'll be here…

I can love you in the morning
I can love you all day
I can love you even more when I get home
I can love you every second
to the ends of the earth
Where needing you's the only thing that's on
my broken one track mind
I could love you with all my heart
But the hardest part is
I just can't love you back
I could write a thousand letters
Call a hundred times a day
Or try to drown my sorrow at the bar
But it still won't change the way things really are
I just can't love you back


Him : How are you?

Her : Good. And you? Hows thing?

Him : Me? Thinking a lot je lately. Yourself?

Her : Think about? Me, too many things too think. LOL!

Him : Love. LOL! Funny right? Came out from a person like me.

Her : Funny? No, everyone will think about love. You had a crush with someone isnt it?

Him : To other people it's ok, but you how am I. Bercinta 6 tahun sekali. Like this, I put you in a situation. You knew this one nice guy. It starts of as a friend and sometimes he brought you to see his family. One day he told you he loves you and want to marry you, and you pulak rasa terhutang budi dan paksa diri you to marry him. And somehow you felt like this is the right guy. AND at the same timegot this one nice guy too that you met not long ago, you like him and love him so much and both of you love each other. BUT that guy belum promise nak kawin dengan you because he thinks is quite early to say that. What do you do?

Her : It depends on the people itself. For some people, they want to marry someone who could commited with her, loves her. And she don't mind marrying someone that she doesn’t love 100%. For some girls, she wants to marry with someone that she loves as much as that guy loves her. If you ask me, I takkan kawin dengan someone yang I cuba untuk cintakan dia. I believe in true love which is it supposed to come naturally from my heart.

Him : Why do you want to do that? Maksud I, why you sanggup tunggu for true love instead of certainty?

Her : Because I taknak tipu diri sendiri. And taknak tipu that Mr Nice Guy because I tak cintakan dia. I taknak he thinks that I like or love him but hati I dekat orang lain.

Him : I wish that is the answer for that lady.

Her : What's her answer?

Him : Before I answer your question, I wanna ask you. By not marrying him and rejected him and let him waited for you for 9 months even though you told him that you cant love him and he's the only guy that be there for you when you're down. Then you lari ke orang yang you betul-betul sayang dan cinta. Eventhough die baru je dengan you. You tak rasa kejam ke terhadap that Mr Nice Guy?

Her : Well, it depends on that guy jugak. If the girl told him that she doesn’t love him but the guy degil, still want to be there for the girl everytime she down even that girl said DON’T, so that girl tak kejam. She's just being fair to herself, that guy and the other guy. But If that girl main tarik tali, then suddenly pergi dekat that guy yang she loves - so that’s kejam.

Him : You sounded fair. The best part thing about this girl, she is forcing herself to like that Mr Nice Guy and the brilliant thing is that she try her best not to love the guy that she loves. The reason is because the guy that she doesn't love is a nice guy and don't want to break his heart.

Her : That is so wrong. I'm sorry to say this. I think that girl ada hati with that Mr Nice Guy but at the same time she loves the other guy. But she afraid to admit that feelings.

Him : Thanks, at least I got a point of view from a woman. I just follow with the flow and try to be patience and positive. I hope she made the right decision., taknak nanti dia regret lepas kahwin. I like your answer, honest and faithful to yourself.


“The worst lies are the lies we tell ourselves. We live in denial of what we do, even what we think. We do this because we're afraid. We fear we will not find love, and when we find it we fear we'll lose it. We fear that if we do not have love we will be unhappy.”


P/S : I believe in true love, It does exist. Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage. Love looks not with eyes, but with the mind. Personally, I think TRUE LOVE is being with someone that we love and he/she loves us as much we love him/her.

Can you smile happily like this if you being with someone that you TRY to love but at the same time there's someone else in your heart?

With Love,
Juliana Violet


sahromnasrudin said...

assalamualaikum sahabat...

biarlah cinta itu datang dari hati yg tulus..selepas ia datang, ia perlu dibaja dan dimanjai agar ia senantiasa mekar..

semoga awak jumpe cinta tersebut..

sahromnasrudin said...

saya nak tanya..awak kenal nabilah hazwani..ape perkaitan awak dengan dia????

♥ Juliana Violet ♥ said...

♥ Wa'alaikumussalam. Yes, I will.

Nabilah Hazwani? Saya tak kenal die. :)
Kenapa ye?

besi said...

vee.....hmmmm cool k

Liliyuli said...

windu kat you la..huhu

♥ Juliana Violet ♥ said...

♥ =)
Just a writing. :)
Terfikir, ramai yang suka tipu diri sendiri dan pilih untuk hidup dgn orang yang they all tak cinta sebab kecewa dan putus asa. :)

♥ Ai pun windu yu dear.... Hugs! :D

HEROICzero said...

I once, follow my heart. left someone. for a reason i couldnt tell.

menjadi kejam itu ada harga nya.



HEROICzero said...

I once, left someone. for a reason i couldnt tell.

menjadi kejam itu ada harga nya.


Dark Half said...

call me a caveman but i still believe in true love... no expectation or something in return, no MOU, just pure love (hey, m not talking bout my mom..haha)

♥ Juliana Violet ♥ said...

♥ I did it once too. :)
But for the reason there's a reason why I did that. :)
And he's now happy with his life without me. :)

Dark Half,
♥ Ahaaa... so you do believe in true love too huh? *give me five*
It does exist. Some ppl said that, true love doesnt exist, we can only read it from a novel.
But, hey ppl wrote it based on real life. :)

sahromnasrudin said...


salam singgah di pagi Jumaat..

HEROICzero said...

gud for you! =) =) =)

skandaLdariLangit said...

i love you~

skandaLdariLangit said...

buat kau, yang aku tinggalkan~

♥ Juliana Violet ♥ said...

♥ Wa'alaikumussalam.
Saya baru on9. :)

♥ Good for him jugak. :)

♥ Semoga berbahagia. Buat yang meninggalkan aku... ;p

Encik Psychopath said...

tak paham. tolong translate kan :)

Encik Psychopath said...

tak paham. tolong translate kan :)

♥ Juliana Violet ♥ said...

Encik Psychopath,
♥ Hee hee. Google translate nanti. :)

Asrul "iLham" Sany said...

love's there, but am not bother looking...hahaha...


miss nina said...

salam vee
baru ada kesempatan singgah di blog kamu :)

errr.. love is complicated , hari semalam cinta esok tak suka
hari semalam benci, hari ini suka

~cinta seadanya

Mashimaro said...

Good FAQ... still, we should never force ourselves to love someone... let it naturally made... Allah S.W.T already assigned life partner ever since we were born... insyaAllah, it would be an everlasting love... :]

Anonymous said...

x bahagia pon :)